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MetroPCS Huawei Valiant available now and SIM Cards for $10

MetroPCS has added a new affordable handset to its prepaid lineup, Huawei Valiant. The Valiant is an Android 4.1 Jelly Bean smartphone available for just $79.00 at MetroPCS’s website.


MetroPCS Huawei Pal now available

MetroPCS has added a new feature phone to its prepaid lineup, Huawei Pal. The Pal is a simple candy bar cell phone intended for making calls and sending texts. The Huawei Pal (the U2800)...




Samsung introduces MetroPCS Freeform M, GSM-based

Samsung introduced today a new GSM-based handset for MetroPCS Freeform M. The Freeform M or SGH-T189N is compatible with T-Mobile’s GSM network rather than MetroPCS’s CDMA given that migrating MetroPCS’s CDMA customers to T-Mobile’s...


MetroPCS Nokia Lumia 521 leaks

CDMA-based prepaid carrier MetroPCS, recently merged with T-Mobile, will be adding another GSM handset compatible with T-Mobile network to its prepaid lineup. According to the image posted by @evleaks, MetroPCS Nokia Lumia 521 will...


MetroPCS to announce Samsung Galaxy S4 next week

MetroPCS posted a teaser on its Twitter account yesterday with Samsung Galaxy S4 announcment planned for a next week. They have teased the viewers with “We’ve got a huge announcement coming next week. Can...